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Why I've come out from behind the computer

Welcome to my revamped Seonyx website.

Several things are different. I've done away from the 'reseller' approach where I was trying to steer people towards signing up with an outsourced hosting company as that model wasn't working very well.  All the hosting from now on will be handled in house, and I will switch clients between the most appropriate hosting platform according to their demands.

The second big change is that I'm bringing myself into the brand. The foremost reason for this is the unstoppable force of social media marketing,

The world is changing. People are switching off their TV's, connecting with the Internet via a wide range of devices and interacting. A large part of that is sharing. People share what they find remarkable with other people they know online. For a company, you are immediately out of the loop if all you are is a logo. Introducing personality to the brand is unavoidable in the 'social' version of the internet. I've kind of known this for a few years but with a face for radio and a voice for print I've always preferred to hide behind a computer. Today though there is no option but to come out of the closet!

For more insights into the thinking behind this please enjoy the video below by marketing guru Seth Godin.


Posted by Steve Gould Saturday, December 14, 2013 7:37:00 PM


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